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The Why

Accessible digital design is vital.

When we design for edge-cases, we create a product or presentation that is better for everyone. Stephy always tries to sneak in golden nuggets about designing accessibly in the digital space wherever she goes.

She uses WCAG 2.x standards for AA compliance as the skeleton of what she teaches–but she dresses up those standards in a fun and engaging manner to help others get excited about designing accessibly, as well.

The What

Keynotes, Workshops, Breakouts.

Keynote Speaking

Growth Mindset

Want to help your people feel unstuck? I make them the protagonist in their very own video game and by helping them save the princess in their career quest (themselves). Because they CAN do it. They DO have what it takes. Humans who have a growth mindset have a greater ability to innovate than those who do the same thing their whole lives. They just need a little push to truly believe it.


You don’t need to be a designer.

Need a design-related breakout session or workshop?

  • Accessible digital design
  • Presentation design
  • User experience design

The Past

Past speaking appearances.

  • This Moved Me Podcast, guest, episode 157
  • The Policy Viz Podcast, guest, episode 118
  • The Presentation Podcast, guest, episode 63
  • 2018 Presentation Summit, speaker,
    Session: The Rewards of Repurposing;
    Session: Taming Tricky Templates with User Testing;
    Session: Top 10 PowerPoint Shortcuts
  • Facilitator for Duarte, Inc., Slide Design Lab full-day workshops
  • 2019 Presentation Summit, speaker,
    Session: I don’t like it!;
    Session: Emotion in Data
  • 2020 Presentation Summit, co-host & speaker,
    Session: I don’t like it! the accessibility edition;
    Session: Accessibility in Presentations Roundtable
  • 2021 General Assembly Pride Summit, ADPlist panel speaker, Being Our Authentic Selves
  • 2021 Signature Talk Studio, speaker, Underdog’s Career Quest
  • The World of Presentations Podcast, Creating Accessible Presentations
  • 2021 Presentation Summit, speaker
  • The Captovation Podcast, Golf Carts, Glitter, Guitar and The Guild
  • Guest on Markus Schaub’s YouTube channel, Why You Should Care About Accessibility
  • 2022 Global UIUX Conference, Design for SCHIT (a UX A11y talk)
  • 2022 Creative Pro Design + PowerPoint Summit, Designing and Delivering Inclusively; and Making Accessible PowerPoint Documents
  • 2022 Present to Succeed Conference, Design for SCHIT
  • 2022 TechAccess Oklahoma, Design for SCHIT
  • 2022 Creative Pro Week, PresX and Designing Accessibly
  • 2022 Creative Pro Design + Accessibility Summit, PowerPoint Accessibility; and Presenting Accessibly
  • 2022 Training Magazine Network, Creating Accessible Presentations; and Designing and Presenting Inclusively
  • 2022 Presentation Podcast Guest, Is Accessibility Accessible?
  • 2022 Ideas on Stage Podcast Guest, How to Design Accessible Presentations
  • 2022 Design + Accessibility Summit, PowerPoint Accessibility; and Presenting Accessibly and Inclusively
  • 2022 Training Magazine Network DEI Masters Series, Present More Inclusively with These 3 Tips
  • 2023 Training Conference, Accessibility Is Only For Websites And Other Tall Tales
  • 2023 Global UIUX Summit, Do Your Users Rage Quite From Your Forms? Let’s Fix That.


What the people think.

Mike Parkinson

Microsoft MVP, APMP Fellow, Owner of Billion Dollar Graphics

Cindy Tingley

Owner, Tingley Presentations, CPS

Johanna RhenvallThe most elegant and accessible presenter so far is Stephy “Snow White” Hogan. Loving to see how the PowerPoint live captions work. I wish I could speak as clearly and nicely paced as Stephy.

Johanna Rehnvall

Founder, Presentitude

I must be selecting all the best presentations–or you all just have selected the best of the best… Stephy was personable and fun and gave great details that will be useful as I seek to create accessible presentations for the first time for my students. Thanks again!


Attendee, Presentation Summit

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