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The Human

Who the heck is Stephy?

I hate writing about myself so I let ChatGPT do it for me. You’re welcome.

Stephy, a former chemist turned Presentation and UX design virtuoso, brings over two decades of experience to making the digital world accessible and inclusive. Transitioning from the precise world of chemistry to the dynamic universe of design, she has become a symbol of creativity and adaptability, renowned for her ability to blend visual appeal with profound impact. Her journey into accessible design was motivated by a personal commitment to overcome the challenges faced by her children and colleagues, turning digital spaces into realms of empathy, inclusivity, and sparkling innovation.

As a celebrated speaker and advocate for accessible design, Stephy’s insights into Presentation and UX trends and guidelines have inspired professionals across the industry. Her ability to transform complex design theories into engaging, real-world applications makes her presentations a nexus of inspiration and practicality. With a philosophy that eschews traditional credentials in favor of deep listening and understanding, Stephy’s work not only enhances digital experiences but enriches lives, making her a true guardian of digital accessibility and a beacon (laying it on thick, aren’t you, ChatGPT?) for designers everywhere.

The Mindset

Empathy over ego.

The most important skill any designer can have is empathy. The ability to put your design ego aside, to stop presuming you know what your users need, is vital.

The second most important skill is to be able to communicate effectively, justify your design decisions, and show how the end user will benefit from them (whether an app user or someone watching a presentation).

I’m here to help you with both of those.


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