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The What

I finally wrote a book… or two.

I’ve been itching to write a book since about 2015 and I never had the patience to sit down and do it. I was thinking prose, not field guide. Then I tried writing in just a Word doc. But that didn’t work either. So I just started designing as I went. Apparently, this is the way.

The Book

A UXer’s Field Guide to Salesforce Design

Most likely, you’re like me… thrown into the world of Salesforce, tasked with making it more usable. This is the book I wish I had when I started my Salesforce UX/FED career. Hopefully this will help you get up to speed faster and enjoy overcoming the challenges Salesforce presents.

The Other Book

A Designer’s Field Guide to PowerPoint

Have you unexpectedly found that you have somehow become The PowerPoint Person? Were you doing just fine doing design work in all of those amazing Creative Suite programs… but now you have to fix presentations all damned day? That was me, too. 

This book full of dry humor about your current state might ease the pain a bit. 

  • Translate Create Suite language into PowerPoint
  • Discover the very cool shit you can do with PowerPoint
  • Learn tips, tricks, and hacks to work faster

Not a designer? Doesn’t matter! This will help you! 

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