This whole project was done in 48 hours in 2011. Why? Because one Thursday evening, hackers attacked the old website not once, but twice. I worked from Friday night to Sunday morning to finish it.

First Look

Site Audit

  • examination of site content and structure
  • content inventory created
  • identification of out-of-date and missing content

The Problems

  • The content of the site and the design was out of date and static.
  • There was no easy way for the staff to update the site.
  • There was no customer engagement at all.

User Analysis

Xpose customers typically fell into 3 categories: the stay-at-home mom (new customer), bachelorettes (short-term customers), and long-time clients.



Google Analytics showed that almost SIXTY percent of visitors were coming to the site via smartphone. Also, the most visited pages were the class schedules for each location.

These and other statistics showed that it was imperative to reformat the site to be responsive as well as to highlight the most visited pages.


Desktop users


Mobile users

User Flow


Finally, after all of that research was done, it was time to focus on the design. Xpose is all about being sexy, fit, and fun. The community is supportive and encouraging. They are a family. I created an overall aesthetic to reflect that brand with black and white imagery and more.

As of this writing, integration with MindBody point-of-sale and online booking system is in progress. Exciting times! I can’t wait for clients to be able to complete all transactions directly in one site.