Key Objectives

Develop a refined and refreshed brochure to generate interest and awareness about the valuable benefits in the Sanofi US Group Savings Plan. The Sanofi Plan would help educate participants that retirement is a life event and that the Plan’s components could help employees prepare for retirement readiness and financial wellness.

Desired Response

“What an inspiring and innovative brochure. The Plan provides a generous match to help me prepare sufficiently for retirement. The information is easy to understand and has truly motivated me to learn about the Plan and to continue to save for my future.”


  • Marketing piece should be aspirational and innovative—highlighting the importance of saving for retirement.
  • The generous match would raise awareness among Sanofi employees to cause them to think about increasing their savings for retirement.
  • All included information should support the goal of driving better retirement outcomes.

Concept 1: Save Smarter

Copy This is an aspirational and active refresh of the current Sanofi Group Savings Plan content, taking you a step beyond the current look and feel. The copy works harder to convey the outstanding benefits offered by the Plan. The overall content can be condensed from the existing version, with participants directed online for full details. Design
  • Graphics and type treatments will help communicate key features and benefits quickly and clearly.
  • This option uses photography to help place the Plan in the context of active, everyday life.

Concept 2: The Whiteboard Concept

  • Directs and frames the retirement plan as an innovatively designed solution for retirement savings.
  • Clearly define attractive features and benefits of the Plan.
Design A whiteboard illustrative design approach reflects the ideation, innovative, and scientific thinking that is part of Sanofi’s culture and field. The “hero” of this option is the whiteboard, where ideas are explored and solutions determined.

The Winner

The client had a really difficult time choosing which campaign to go with. So they chose both! They decided to go with Concept 1 as the main campaign and to pull in pieces of Concept 2 for other things here and there.