This is a series of 5 presentations beginning with that of the firm’s president, followed by each of four heads of business. T. Rowe Price Investor Day was THE most high profile event for the firm. The audience comprised about half buy-side and half sell-side analysts whose interpretation of the information presented would influence the future financial success of the firm.
The overarching message for the event was that T. Rowe Price has the capabilities, the plan, and the resources to meet changing investor preferences. Along those lines, the underlying themes were:
  • We are investing in capabilities from a position of strength.
  • We are investing to diversify our capabilities and client opportunities globally.
  • We desire to become more of an integrated solutions provider.
  • Our focus continues to be on clients.
  • Our focus continues to be on attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Our focus is long-term.
Throughout the creation of each of the 5 presentations, the main considerations to keep in mind included:
  • How does the data support/enhance our message/story? Is the data necessary to tell the story?
  • Would you be comfortable with disclosing the data on an annual basis going forward?
  • Are there any potential unintended negative consequences to sharing the data publicly?
The event was a great success. Four presentation “firsts” were used at T. Rowe Price including:
  • Dark theme
  • No page numbers on the slides
  • The use of custom notes pages to include supporting information
  • The legal department allowed almost all legal hedge to remain on the notes page and not the slide itself

Before & After Examples

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