Members of (ISC)² need an efficient way to find training that will count as continuing education credits for whatever certification they hold. The way the current training finder works is clunky, slow, and illogical.

  • the filters are provided as a separate search within the search
  • the filters aren’t in a logical order
  • once “search” is activated, the page looks like it’s broken as the loader doesn’t start for a few seconds
  • once search results are loaded, the sort options only allow for one kind, so why is it there?

Proposed Changes

  • Remove the search within a search field and present one search with criteria listed in a more logical order for our members. 
  • Use more conversational language patterns in the form.
  • Create a conditional form that only requests certain pieces of information if it makes sense (i.e. only ask for city, state, country if looking for an in person class).
  • Fix issue with loading indicator so that users don’t think the site is broken while the code executes.