Certified (ISC)² members are required to earn and submit Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits during their three-year certification cycle. The total number of CPE credits earned within a three-year cycle must add up to the minimum CPE credits required during a three-year certification cycle. (ISC)² has a suggested annual minimum to help balance maintaining your certification.

The CPE portal is an online area for members to record every CPE they earn, print out transcripts, and see if any submissions are under audit. The portal is used on a regular basis by (ISC)²’s more than 150,000 certified members. A smooth and fast experience is essential.

Usage Statistics

from April 2018 to October 2018


members used the portal


CPEs were submitted


credits submitted in total

User Research

Feedback on the first version of the CPE portal:

  • Decision path is too complicated
  • Transcripts are not organized and are missing important details
  • Tile view of CPEs is hard to use and is missing key information
  • Error Messaging and feedback is not always in view or helpful
  • Overall interface is not user friendly

first screen of original CPE portal

Initial Experience

initial load screen showed for almost 30 seconds at times

Step 1 of CPE portal v1

Step 2 of CPE portal v1

Step 3 of CPE portal v1

Step 4 of CPE portal v1

Step 5 of CPE portal v1

Submission confirmation of CPE portal v1

Overview of improvements

  • Removal of confusing decision points
  • Replacement of PDF Transcript with complete data table
  • Transformation of unfriendly tiles with interactive list view
  • Improved labels and instructions, feedback in proximity to interaction
  • Reduce hops and redundant loading time, create easy to scan layout, provide consistent and clear action queues

Hifi Prototypes

Home screen & step 1 of v2 portal

Step 2 of v2 portal

Step 3 of v2 portal

Step 4 of v2 portal

Submission confirmation of v2 portal

Transcript view

CPE v2 usability tests

Learning process where real tasks are performed and observed to discover problems, needs and solutions.

  • 5 Member Participants
  • 4 Tasks
    • Browse Dashboard
    • Record CPE Credits
    • Review CPE History
    • Report Missing CPE
  • Performed remotely on partially functional prototype on participant’s desktop


Test feedback

Overall, the layout and look and feel received positive feedback. Participants liked:

  • List/table view of CPEs
  • CPEs ordered by most recent date
  • Column sorting
  • “On behalf of” indicator
  • Information bubble providing CPE rules


    Incredible speed improvement

    After the remodel, it was theoretically possible to record a CPE in the time it took the old portal to load.

    Improved print view of transcripts

    Previously, the system created a pdf rendering with very little control over visual styles or format. I refactored the code in Salesforce to use a custom print style sheet so that the transcript looked clean and was responsive in the browser, but printed perfectly on paper as well.



    Post-launch feedback

    I looked at it today and it looks great! I think members will find it more useful.

    Board Member

    New portal is excellent, so much easier to use, please relay thanks to all that worked on this. 

    Board Member